Vision Plus - Integrated
Vision Plus™ Integrated

Only available on Taylor® X-Series Trucks with MD4

Vision Plus - Pro
Vision Plus™ Pro

Available on most off-highway industrial equipment where pedestrian detection is needed

Vision Plus - Standard
Vision Plus™

Available on most off-highway industrial equipment where pedestrian detection is needed

sensor-less, tag-less technology

Track multiple pedestrians at the same time

No Device or Tag required to be worn by the pedestrian.

A New Approach to Pedestrian Safety

Vision Plus™ provides the operator of mobile equipment with real-time information concerning the location and tracking of pedestrians in the operating area around the equipped vehicle. For more information on system requirements and limitations, please refer to our brochures.


Choose your coverage area

Vision Plus can be installed on virtually any type of off-highway mobile equipment. Different types of equipment operate in various applications and have unique requirements. Your application and equipment use is specific to your needs. Use the chart provided to help in making your coverage area decision.

Rear 90°
Vision Plus - Rear 90° Coverage
Rear 180°
Vision Plus - Rear 90° Coverage
Extended 180°
Vision Plus - Rear 90° Coverage
Maximum (up to) 360°
Vision Plus - Rear 90° Coverage
(Customizable Coverage Available on Vision Plus™ Integrated and Vision Plus™ Pro)
Learn more about common Vision Plus™ Applications
Vision Plus™ Applications

How The Vision Plus™ System Works

  1. As pedestrians enter into the coverage area, an audible and visual alarm is provided to the operator.
  2. Next, Vision Plus™ begins to track the pedestrians and predict their paths.
  3. Vehicle and pedestrian tracking are combined to determine potential collisions. If a collision is predicted, alarm intensity increases and a Red In-Path alert is issued notifying the operator of this crucial information.
    (See figure A)
  4. Vision Plus™ continues to monitor pedestrians and their paths until the pedestrians are no longer within the coverage area.
    (See figure B)
  5. An internal warning system, combines vehicle speed, vehicle direction, and pedestrian location, aims to reduce the number of alerts to the operator making the alerts more effective.
  6. The Vision Plus™ system can distinguish pedestrians from all other objects, track the movement of pedestrians and give this functionality without the need for tags or transmitters to be worn by the pedestrians.
    (See figure C)

Can't find a system to fit your application?

Vision Plus™ offers a customizable solution to meet your unique requirements. Options for specialty applications include custom coverage area, data logging, on board maintenance tools, and custom engineering. Your Certified Vision Plus dealer can discuss with you your specialty application.
(Engineering fees may be required.)